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Special Needs Plans (SNP’s) are a type of Medicare Advantage Plan. They are available to medicare beneficiaries who meet certain qualifying conditions. They all include drug coverage and enrollees have the privilege to enter or leave their plan during the year.


The Special Needs Plans for Dual Eligibles are specifically designed for people with both medicare and medicaid. These plans incorporate medicare benefits along with their state medicaid benefit. As there are different levels of medicaid that an individual may qualify for, care needs to be taken to match the beneficiaries benefit with the appropriate Special Needs Plan.


Other types of Special Needs Plans are Chronic Care plans. Beneficiaries contending with chronic conditions such cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic heart failure, COPD, and others may be eligible for these type of plans. Additional benefits and care coordination are tailored specifically to the chronic condition.


Enrollment requires that the condition be certified by a physician.

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