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Medicare plans to enhance your health
and give you peace of mind

With a full complement of Medicare plans to offer and 20 years of experience in Florida, rest assured that you will have the personalized Medicare plan best suited for your needs.

If you're Medicare eligible, you know the stress and anxiety of ensuring that you have the right Medicare plan to meet YOUR needs. There are any number of plans that promise impressive benefits, but do they meet your particular needs? A poor choice has consequences. Many find the process is confusing and stressful.


That’s my cue. I shoulder the stress for you. As a broker working with most Medicare plans in Florida, my job is to alleviate the stress you may feel dealing with Medicare issues. I discuss the options, rules & process with you. Then ensure you get the plan most closely aligned with your needs and interests, finally following-up with ongoing support. You'll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you are on the right track and in having the most suitable plan.

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Confused by Medicare?

Most beneficiaries are bewildered

by the process and the options

Let's talk about...

You and Medicare

  • ​eligibility requirements

  • Medicare costs

  • election periods

  • insurance options

  • medication programs

  • your rights and protection


  • Dental, Vision & Hearing benefits

  • Part B give-back plans

  • extra help for prescriptions

  • eligibility for Medicaid

  • plans for chronic conditioins

  • Veterans benefits & plans

Mission Statement

To ensure my clients get the Medicare coverages most closely aligned with their healthcare needs and interests in order to enjoy their retirement years and enhance their peace of mind. That is my mission, my passion and my pledge.

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